The essence of our contractual conditions

Hosting contract

We offer accommodation contracts to our guests to the exclusion of any lease.

Duration of the contract

Our contracts always start at the beginning of the month, with certain exceptions. The contract has a minimum duration of 2 months and is automatically renewed from month to month. Effective entry into the studio is always on the first working day of the month in question.

Notice period

The notice period for termination must be given in advance to management, with at least one month notice for the end of the following month. This notice must take the form of a letter with the following information: studio number, departure date (necessarily for the end of a month), date and handwritten signature. This letter can be sent by post or by e-mail.

On signing the contract

When you sign the contract, we ask for the first month payment, as well as an amount of CHF 1000, which will be added to the extra and miscellaneous account. On your departure, the final account will be settled and the balance of the extra and miscellaneous account will be returned to you within 15 days of your departure.

Included in the monthly payment

The monthly payment includes the provision of the studio, the supply of water, the production and supply of hot water and the para-hotel service. The latter includes the provision and maintenance of furniture. The supply, laundering and installation of bedding, towels and kitchen towels and vacuuming the floor.

At the charge of Studiomodernes

Studiomodernes will be in charge of regularly: cleaning the bathroom, dusting our furniture. Cleaning the windows. Curtains and bedspreads. Washing of floors, tiles and parquet.

The para-hotel service

The para-hotel service is not optional (excepted when there is a pandemic situation).

Services not included

Services that are not included in the monthly payment are cable TV access and internet access, provided on a voluntary basis, without guarantee.

Terms of payment

The monthly payment is payable in advance on the 1st of the month.

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